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Exclusive French Goods
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MARIUS FABRE Marseille Soap

Since 1900, in Salon de Provence - France, Marius Fabre family  have passed down through four generations the traditional expertise in producing Marseille Soap. The secret production technique guarantees a natural product that is not only good for the skin, but respect the environment too. Following the traditional production procedure, Marius Fabre Marseille soap is still baked in a cauldron for ten days and dried by the Mistral, that famous northerly wind. Fourteen days are needed to produce it, following the same method and respecting the production regulations decreed by Louis XIV. 

Marius Fabre Marseille soap is produced exclusively from rigorously-selected vegetable oils. It contains no artificial colorings or preservatives. It does not contain any petroleum-based products or animal facts, unlike the majority of commercial soaps. The “Marseillaise” production procedure guarantees Extra Pure soap which contains no impurities. It takes care of all skin types and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Olive oil offers excellent moisturizing properties and helps to prevent the skin drying out. 

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY!!!!! Its purely vegetable-based formula, free of phosphates and artificial products, does not pollute rivers and contributes to conserving the environment.